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Friday, October 14, 2022

University Charter School Votes to Recommend a "Yes on 4A" to Community Members

A letter to University families identifying the need for the renewal of the MLO.

Dear University Schools Community,

Since 2017, University Schools has seen tremendous benefit in the additional revenue provided by the passage of the Mill Levy Override (MLO). With this additional revenue, which now accounts for nearly 11% of our annual budget, University Schools has been able to:

• Reduce class fees, provide school supplies and curriculum related field trips
• Update our transportation fleet including two new buses
• Provide curriculum resources, materials and professional development for teachers
• Upgrade security systems, equipment and training
• Expand our technology infrastructure, and access to technology for students and teachers
• Upgrade facilities and deferred maintenance
• And many more projects!

The University Schools’ Board of Governors acknowledges the following:

• On August 22nd, the Weld County School District 6 School Board of Education passed a resolution asking voters to approve a continuation of the current MLO funding through the 4A ballot question which will be placed on the 2022 November Ballot.
• University Schools is a public charter school authorized by Weld County School District 6 and will receive the same per pupil revenue raised by the 4A ballot if passed by voters.
• The Citizens’ Oversight Committee will continue its work to ensure that all Weld County School District 6 schools use the money from the mill levy override to fund programs and learning opportunities as promised. This committee was established after the MLO was originally passed in 2017.
• The school district is seeking a continuation of the 10 mills on all residential and commercial property that was approved in 2017.
• If approved by voters, University Schools will continue to use MLO revenue in the following areas: career readiness, safety and security, academic support, and competitive workforce.

The passage of 4A will better enable University Schools to continue addressing critical areas of our school and improve the educational experience of all our students. Investing in your child’s future is the most important action we can all take together. The Board of Governors of University Schools encourages families to educate themselves about this important ballot question and to vote YES in the November election to continue the current MLO funding. More information about the 4A ballot measure can be found on the Greeley Evans School District 6 website.


University Schools’ Board of Governors

Ryan Mayeda - Chairman, Jake Pierce - Vice-Chairman, Stephanie Welle - Secretary, Tina Whitcomb - Treasure, Jake Daggett - Board Member, Eric Fitzsimons - Board Member, Justin Nelson - Board Member, Thomas Roche - Board Member,

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