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MLO Oversight Committee

The Citizens' Oversight Committee is responsible for ensuring the actual spending of the funds from the proposed mill levy override is consistent with the intent of those funds. This committee is being formed to ensure the transparency, openness and fidelity of District 6 officials in the spending of the proposed mill levy override revenue. The committee members will ensure those district officials are accountable for fulfilling the promises of the November 2017 (and renewal) District 6 ballot measure, if approved.

The Citizens' Oversight Committee will be comprised of 4-8 District 6 residents from diverse backgrounds with diverse experiences and will be selected by representatives from the District Accountability Committee, Business Advisory Committee, and Greeley and Evans Chambers of Commerce. The Chief Financial Officer and the Finance Director will be included in advisory positions to the committee. The remainder of the Citizens' Oversight Committee will be residents and taxpayers of the school district. There will be representatives from Evans and Greeley. The Superintendent or other executive leadership will participate at the request of the committee. The committee will establish bylaws which will govern the actions of the committee, and members must be willing to sign an ethics policy statement.

The committee will meet quarterly throughout the next seven years - the life of the proposed mill levy override. Applicants must commit to serve for at least the first two years of the implementation of the mill levy override. In later years, should vacancies occur, applications will be re-posted and new applicants will be considered to fill open positions.

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